Monday, February 11, 2008

Welcome AAUW Webinar Participants!

The Kingston AAUW board members welcome our colleagues from across the country to our website/blog at Wednesday night's webinar -- An introduction to Blogger for hosting AAUW websites.

We're delighted that you chose us as your sample blog/website to discuss and hope you can benefit from our experience. We've certainly learned a lot since last June when we launched the site.

Read our comments to see some of the things we like about our two blogs, some of the things we've learned, and some of our hopes for the future. And, of course, our advice and best wishes!

Have a great webinar. Leave us a comment on a post or two so we know you've been here.

We hope to visit your branch website/blog soon.


  1. So glad that Ruth Wahtera is sharing her expertise with AAUW people across the web. She has brought our branch to a new level of hospitality and contact, expanding our ability to reach members and friends of the branch in a timely and noninvasive manner. People get to choose if they read our 'AAUW news.' And on Unofficial Passions blog, we and our larger network are happy to share what interests us outside AAUW. I am amazed at the beauty and efficiency of the blogs. So grateful to Ruth's skills. It's great being branch president under her skillful tutelege. Cordially, Garnette

  2. Dear Webinar students,
    Hello and welcome to our branch blog! This Web site and our first spin-off blog, Unofficial Passions, are two of the countless Reasons Why I Love the Web*! Enjoy Ruth's class and happy blogging to you all!

    * one of my future book titles, which will be available worldwide -- online and in print! ;)

  3. Welcome

    I think our web page is a wonderful addition to the information we receive from AAUW. It is up-to-date and informative. I like getting emails when there is new info. Also like the format of the calendar.

  4. The webinar was very good. I have 6 Blogger blogs and loved new info. Most useful for my branch members is email of new posts. I joined Feedblitz and also signed up for emails of your new posts. But I can't get past newsletter sales pitches to add emails of new posts to my own blogs.
    Help, please.
    Thanks and best wishes, Mary

  5. Mary,
    I'm glad to see what I can do to help. I'll contact you privately to work it through, but I can't do it today.

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