Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kingston AAUW Joins the Woodstock Time Exchange

From Garnette:

At the most recent Kingston AAUW board meeting I presented information about the Woodstock Time Exchange.

Community time banks are growing across the USA, and some dedicated Woodstockers have started a site for our area. From the website:

Neighbors helping neighbors is as old as our species yet in the hustle and bustle of modern life we are losing touch with the pleasures of being in community. So we're using that touchstone of modern life - the Internet - to reintroduce neighbors to each other and the joys of doing things for each other in reciprocal relationships.

The board decided that AAUW should join as a club, thereby reaping and giving community service hours for the organization. I have already posted a request for what we call 'the trip treasurer,' someone to just balance the checkbook.

As we need outside help, we can post our needs on the WTE web site -- driving people to meetings, help setting up the bridge tables, putting up trip fliers etc.

AAUW earns hours to spend on these services by doing community activities, e.g. our Pay Equity and Voter Turnout programs which serve the whole community.

If you want more details I will be happy to have a chat with you. A bonus is that many more in the area can learn about AAUW and what we are up to.

When I enrolled AAUW, I found out we get 25 hours for signing up. So we have time 'money' in the bank already!

Can individuals join?

Some people at the board meeting wondered if they could join as individuals, as I did. The answer is YES. No matter where you live in the area, you can join.

Need pet sitting, drive to the airport, someone to organize your files, paint your porch? There's someone in WTB who is offering to do this for you. Janine Mowers quickly revamped my creative writing files. She got hours, I got order and we had fun. WTE also holds networking and community meetings, a further opportunity to talk about AAUW.

So please check out the link: for more information. To join click on the 'find time banks' button and scroll down to Woodstock (at the bottom of the alphabetical list). Just click the various links for more info. Also mention my name when it asks you how you found out about this.

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