Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Diversity Report - Feb. 2008

From Arlene Bruck, Diversity Chair

In December I presented $50 Walmart give cards to 10 deserving families in the Kingston School District. We presented the cards as rewards for their hard work and progress at school.The families were selected by the Family Care Worker and the ESL Teachers. The families were able to use the cards for food, clothing,holiday gifts or anything else they needed at Walmart. The families are very grateful to AAUW for our generosity and interest in helping them.

These students must pass the same New York State Regents Exam given to all students. I am happy to report that all the ESL students who took the January Regents passed. This success is a tribute to the students and their teachers. Since many of our students born in the United States have difficulty with this exam, we can appreciate the extra effort the ESL students and teachers put forth to achieve this result .

The deadline for the Diversity Scholarship is April. The $700 scholarship will be awarded to the student whose essay demonstrates a commitment to promoting understanding and harmony among the diverse groups comprising our community. In the past applicants have volunteered in the community, organized walk-a-thons, sponsored panel discussions and benefit concerts and even set up new support groups in Kingston.

Last year we received 75 applications from excellent candidates which made it very difficult to choose a winner. I will have the applications available in May for any member who would like to read the them. On June 2nd I will present the scholarship to the winner at the Awards Presentation.

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