Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Voter Registration: Unequal Access

One of our mission-related areas of focus this spring is voter registration. Here's a new report that will help inform our planning.

Unequal Access: "Unequal Access: Neglecting the National Voter Registration Act, 1995-2007

Although millions of citizens have taken advantage of voter registration opportunities created by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), key provisions of the law meant to reach populations with low voter registration rates have been poorly and inconsistently administered in many states. Specifically, states have failed to adequately implement — and the Department of Justice has in recent years failed in their duty to enforce — NVRA provisions that require states to offer voter registration in government agencies providing public assistance benefits.

Download the full report: Unequal Access: Neglecting the National Voter Registration Act, 1995-2007."

This information comes to us from Project Vote. Hat tip to Rokki Carr.

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  1. Ruth

    Thanks for posting info about this report - it looks like fascinating reading. I"ll post it to my Facebook profile and the AAUW groups on FB so more AAUW members know about the report and can share the info.