Tuesday, February 5, 2008

1/15/08: literary group tackles Triangle

Update - 2/5/08: Some members have asked about our January meeting.
We discussed Triangle, The Fire That Changed America.
This non-fiction book about an event in NYC in 1911 could be compared to the historical fiction we read in September: Paradise Alley, the book about NYC in 1863 during the Civil War draft riots.

The beginning Labor Movement was helped by the devastation of the fire. The cooperation of women socialites who came to the working areas,Socialists, Immigrants, laborers joined in a common cause effected changes. Most important, though was one, young, immigrant, working girl who was beaten by thugs hired by management. She still gave lectures on the necessity of workers organizing themselves.
From, Marjorie Regan,
AAUW Book Club Moderator


The next monthly meeting of the literary group will be held on Tuesday, January 15 at 1 PM, upstairs at the Kingston Library at 55 Franklin Street. We'll discuss Triangle: The Fire That Changed America by Dave von Drehle. Do join us, even if you haven't finished (or read!) the book.

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