Friday, July 27, 2007

Sept. '07 Meeting: The Kodi Children of Miyuga, Kenya

Last September our speaker was Christine Dinsmore who spoke to us about the Kodi Kids of Miyuga, Kenya.
The father of these five children died and their mother is ill. An uncle promised his brother on his deathbed that he would make sure the children finish school. Christine Dinsmore has rallied Ulster County to "adopt" them. She will give us an up-to-date picture of this family and their needs. There are two additional projects that are looking for support. One is to bring safe water to the village and the other supplies solar cookers and training to women in the village. It is possible that the uncle can also join us.

David Marrell explained the difficulties families in Miyuga face in ensuring they have wood for cooking and water for sustenance and cleaning.He is working to provide solar cookers and hopes to drill a well in the town.

Peggy Kelland, the NYS AAUW International Officer,
answered many of our questions on AAUW International Projects and the new relationship between AAUW and CARE.

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