Friday, July 27, 2007

International Committee Report - July 2007

Jeanne Townsend reports:

Our Branch has contributed $1,000 to the IFUW Bina Roy Projects. We gave $250 to four countries.

Zimbabwe-A national scholarship program aims to assist girls whose families cannot afford to continue to keep them at school. Many are sponsored to take exams which enable them to go to university.

Sierra Leone- This is a country where many girls do not go to school at all, or are taken out prematurely because of the cost of their education. This is compounded by the devastating civil war. This scholarship supplies one or more of the following, tuition, books, study materials, uniforms, examinations ,lodging and transportation.

Cameroon- Cameroon continues to advocate for the improvement of the status of girls and women, to encourage life-long learning and to encourage female graduates to use their expertise to effect change in society. They give awards to motivate high school students who have excelled both academically and through their sporting successes.

Bangladesh.-Health, education and vocational project for women and children living in a rural community. Emphasis on primary education, literacy courses and tailoring skills.

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