Friday, July 27, 2007

Convention Attendees Affirm Bylaws Changes

Thanks to Jeanne Townsend for sending this on for posting:

In case you both missed this, it looks as if our efforts to bring about one member/one vote have succeeded--that we will not have to attend a national convention to have our voices heard. A big cause for celebration! But regarding the complete separation of IFUW, I'm so glad we have your committee, Jeanne, to find our own links to this important work of helping women abroad.

Best wishes--ViVi

Sweeping changes to AAUW’s organizational structure were approved on Sunday, July 1 at the National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Passed by a unanimous vote, the dramatic changes will move the organization forward.

The largest alteration is structural in nature—AAUW and the AAUW Educational Foundation will combine most their assets and programs to work effectively around a single mission. There will be one board of directors for this new conglomeration. Between now and 2009, a transitional board of directors will oversee the changeover. AAUW will be better positioned to proceed in a sustainable and successful way.

In other changes, online balloting was approved realizing a “one member, one vote” system for future elections. Maximum terms for elected officials, new procedures for filling vacancies, a new audit committee and restructured nominating committee also comprised the bylaw changes. Finally, all references to the International Federation of University Women have been struck from the bylaws except for the acknowledgement of international reciprocity.

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