Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July Board Meeting

Yesterday the branch board met for the July meeting. I filled in as recording secretary for Louise Flood but I forgot to ask whether I could post the minutes here so everyone could stay up-to-date. If it's okay, I'll post a pdf of them when they're finished.

But, as you can see if you scroll down or click on the 'Member Profiles' label, I took lots of pictures to help get the members' profiles underway. (These are my descriptions and I'll gladly change the picture and/or the text when you send me your own profile.)

The board got their first look at this blog and a lesson in how to post events on the calendar and make comments. I'm waiting to see how good my teaching is.


  1. O Ruth, thanks so much for both taking the minutes and giving the blog presentation. I urge all members to sign up for the blog training with you. It was fun and a real benefit to be trained by you. Cordially, Garnette