Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy 35th Anniversary, Title IX

Yes, it’s been 35 years since Congress passed Title IX to fight sex discrimination in federally-funded schools and educational programs in the United States. Title IX has led to a 400 percent increase in the rate of female participation in college sports and a more than 800 percent increase in participation at the high school level.

A significant drawback to the law's enforcement, however, involves the lack of data reporting at the high school level. The U.S. Department of Education has not required high schools to report athletic opportunity, participation, and funding statistics to any higher authority.

As a result, many feel that high school girls are likely being deprived of the critical opportunity to play sports. Colleges report this data; it's time our high schools are too. We encourage you to read AAUW's position paper on equity in school athletics.

Both the House and the Senate have bills pending that will require reporting. AAUW strongly supports both these bills. It's time we know the status of Title IX in America's high schools.

Photo by Jeremiah Sjoberg

Take Action!
In honor of Title IX's anniversary, please urge your Representatives to support the High School Athletics Accountability Act and the High School Sports Information Collection Act. Become a “Two-Minute Activist” by clicking here to send a message requesting their support.

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