Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chapter Awards - 2007

Congratulations, Everyone

Our chapter collected a wheelbarrow full of awards at the NY State AAUW convention in May.
  • PLATINUM: for Leadership Development
  • GOLD: The chapter's Girls Making Good Choices program received gold awards for both Community/Campus Outreach and Outreach to Diverse or Under-Represented People or Groups.
  • One of the top five branches in both membership increase by both percent (25.6%) and number (23). Congratulations to Bette Nitzky who knows almost everyone in Ulster County and looks forward to meeting those she hasn't met yet.
  • Star status for raising $5/member or more for the Legal Advocacy Fund this year. Thank you to Joan Davis and everyone who volunteered gift wrapping during the last holiday season.
  • Kingston AAUW Focus received recognition as a noteworthy newsletter. Thank you, editor Jane Riley

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