Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Garnette Arledge, President, 2007-2008

Garnette Arledge, M.Div., keeps many balls in the air. Not only is she branch president for the second year, but she's a published author, volunteer, and passionate advocate. You will be able to watch her on Woodstock cable and internet TV in our branch program slated to start in September, AAUW Conversations. The initial series will focus on Why Vote?.

Garnette authored Wise Secrets of Aloha and On Angel's Eve, two books on savoring the joy of living with the Aloha Spirit. (links below).

She's especially interested in literacy and has taken the initiative to involve the branch in Lisa Libraries.

She retired as a hospice chaplain and volunteers for Woodstock Meals-on-Wheels and the Seva Foundation. She loves roses and Hawaii.

Three things Garnette would like us to know about her:
  • Writing since age nine
  • Native of Western North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Love dearly to read
Garnette joined AAUW in 2003. Branch leadership activities:
  • President, 2008-09; 2007-08
  • Vice President for Program
  • Newsletter Editor
Visit Garnette's website or Contact her

To learn more about her books:

The Secrets of Aloha and On Angel's Eve

Garnette also invites you to visit one of her favorite websites -- Gratefulness.Org

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