Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update on Traffic Light Study

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Update from Doris Goldberg:

Mark Morano , Civil Engineer with the New York State Department of Transportation has reported that a traffic signal study was completed in July of the intersection of Route 28 and Hurley Mountain Road.

Both the history of accidents and the volume of traffic at this site caused the State to conclude that the placement of a traffic signal is not currently warranted. While this is not what we were hoping for, wecan feel some satisfaction that our petitions caused New York State to take a look at the situation in a timely manner.

One of our members, Louise Flood, has a historic home on Route 28, not far from the intersection in question. The safety of her turning into her driveway when she is in the westbound lane of Route 28, having to cross the eastbound lane to get to her driveway is a continuing cause of concern and anxiety. As traffic increases, the problems of safety on Route 28 will continue to need our attention.
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