Wednesday, August 20, 2008

From the Past: Arlene Bruck, AAUW Scholarship Winner

We know Arlene Bruck as our capable Diversity chairperson. However, Arlene’s first contact with AAUW was in 1963 when she received an AAUW scholarship upon graduation from Kingston High School. After college, she joined the Kingston branch.
She has contributed time, talent, and expertise over the years since.

She coordinated fundraisers for the Educational Foundation by organizing puppet shows, an evening at the Nutcracker Ballet, cocktail parties, a Renaissance Fair and international programs. Arlene chaired a committee that wrote and produced More Than Books, a film widely shown in the community advocating for the Library.

In the 70’s, AAUW recognized a lack of reporting on child abuse in local hospitals and schools. Arlene chaired a project that increased awareness and led improved reporting.

As president, 1995-96, Arlene promoted the AAUW Women In Math And Science Study through a Saturday conference and the branch held a well attended public panel on the ERA amendment.

Arlene was behind many of the recognition awards the branch received at the AAUW State Conventions -- raising child abuse awareness, the film, More than Book, the 1991 high school course Arlene and Mary Leonard wrote covering topics like Gender Equity, Women’s History, and the Holocaust. She receive a grant to study with the NYS Gender Equity Project.

Arlene has seen AAUW change from an organization of “white glove” sophisticates to one more liberal and feminist. Locally, we’ve aged.

Today, under Arlene’s leadership, the Diversity Committee works closely with the KHS Guidance and ESL Departments. Our focus includes:
  • Making refurbished computers available to needy students
  • Providing holiday gift certificates to families
  • Awarding an annual scholarship to a KHS graduate to recognize their work promoting understanding and camaraderie among diverse community groups
Arlene and notes that AAUW’s contributions have contributed to an improvement in both the graduation rate and the number of students going to college.

Does anyone know where there’s a copy of the library film More Than Books?

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