Sunday, August 17, 2008

2008-09 Branch Leadership

It takes a lot of people, in addition to our officers, to make this branch hum. Here are some of those people and what they do (2008-09).

Our Officers
and their pictures can be found on their own page.

Educational Foundation: Anne Gordon

Historian: Bernie Carpino

Legal Advocacy Fund: Joan Davis

Trip Coordinators: ViVi Hlavsa and Pat Whelan

Diversity: Arlene Bruck

Telephone Tree: Virginia Kohli

Hospitality: Louise Flood

Publicity: Doris Goldberg

Public Policy: Irene Miller

Directory: Sheila Beall

Newsletter & Blog: Ruth Wahtera

Evening Bridge: Willie Haruk

Morning Bridge: Joan Reis

Literary Group: Marjorie Regan

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