Thursday, January 10, 2008

Holding Schools Accountable

There's a management truism that applies here -- if it's important, measure it.

National AAUW sent a Two-Minute Activist request this morning about participation in sports --

American Association of University Women - Two Minute Activist: "Title IX's fight against sex discrimination in federally-funded schools and educational programs in the U.S. has led to a 400 percent increase in the rate of female participation in college sports and a more than 800 percent increase in participation at the high school level."
They go on to say, though, that under Title IX, high schools don't have to report on the level of funding and participation. Colleges do, and we've seen a terrific growth in women's sports as a result.

But high school is where life-long interests and habits begin. And, it's far too easy for opportunities for girls to be slighted when budgets are tight and no one is paying attention. Reporting will focus that attention.

So, I encourage you to take two minutes to tell our senators' staff that we support the High School Sports Information Collection Act (S.518). Just click on the link, enter your zip code, and tailor your message.

Two minutes. It's important, so let's measure it.

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