Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Call Janine Fallon-Mower to support Voter Turnout

KAAUW Branch Luncheon January 19 was so great. Well informed speaker, Deising’s lunch and made me happy in that a number of members have signed up to participate in the National AAUW project on a-political Voter Turnout. Let member Janine Fallon-Mower know if you are willing to make a few telephone support calls on voting. She’s in your yellow directory.

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  1. I plan to direct my friends and colleagues to the Kathleen Jameison
    website provided by GArnette.
    This will help people make a decision who to support when they vote
    I'll contact at least 10 people before the Feb 5 NY primary.
    After the primary, we can decided how to proceed with the get out the vote