Saturday, February 7, 2009

Save NY State's Lever System

The Kingston AAUW Public Policy Committee is working along with many others in NY State to keep our lever voting machines. NY is the only state that's withstood the push for electronic voting.

Dutchess County's legislature passed a resolution to keep levers in December. Columbia County will be voting on a resolution this week. It's time for Ulster County to act.

We've set up a Citizen Speak message -- it's like a local Two Minute Activist -- for people to let Ulster County Legislature's Chairman Donaldson and County Executive Hein know that we expect them to take action.

There's more info on the Unofficial Passions blog about why levers are better and links to sites with even more. We want to get the word out beyond the branch.

Here's the link to send your message.

Get your friends to send a message, too.
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1 comment:

  1. Any method of voting which meets the HAVA requirements (which this does not) AND which includes a paper trail and is not readily hackable will do it, if the manufacturer does not maintain a proprietary interest in the system's access code. I do not think the branch should follow the recommendation of a single advocate
    without fully researching the issue.