Sunday, February 1, 2009

Leaders from the Past

From Bernie Carpino, Historian:

While reminiscing about AAUW, women often mention other members with whom they worked. Some names came up repeatedly. I’d like to acknowledge a few of them who were still active when I joined in the 70’s.

Frieda Dingeel (President 1945-46) participated in many community organizations. A tireless worker, she became the first woman principal in the Kingston Consolidated School System and designed and supervised the district’s original remedial reading program. June picnics at her camp in Lake Katrine were often mentioned.

Betty LeFever (President 1946-48) was an active member until her death. Dedicated to education, she was instrumental in the establishment of Ulster County Community College. Because of her involvement, AAUW had a study group, which made recommendations.

Helen Ann Robbins (President 1957-59) used her connections to national AAUW to help the local College Women’s Club make the transition to the Association. Many remember her for her scholarly strong opinions and for Book Club Meetings at the Robbins Library.

Adelaide Van Wagenen, although never president of AAUW, was a vital part of the organization. Always quick to volunteer, her enthusiasm was contagious. As membership chair, she enrolled most of the faculty at Chambers School as branch members. Adelaide currently lives in an assisted living facility in Florida.

These are just four women among many who are part of Kingston AAUW’s history. We remember them fondly.

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