Friday, June 6, 2008

Branch awards and recognition!...

....received at the 2008 AAUW-NYS Convention in Cooperstown

President's Award: Honorable Mention
for our Communication Upgrade Project (CUP)

Bina Roy Blue Ribbon Award
First Place in NYS in fundraising for the Bina Roy Partners in Development Program

Educational Foundation
Tenth Place in NYS in total contributions
2007 contribution: $1,377.01 (per capita: $12.29)

Legal Advocacy Fund
- 5% increase in giving for 2007
- Kingston is a Star Branch (we raised $5 or more per member)
- LAF Major Donors 2007, NYS LAF Giving Circle , $50 to $99
Susan Holland

Membership recognition
Keys to the Future: Every Member Get a Member
Kingston is one of the NYS branches in the Association Hall of Fame with credit for members who have recruited new members (7/06 to 4/08)
Bette Nitzky recruited 12 new members during this time frame.

From: Eileen Hartmann, AAUW-NYS Membership VP (now AAUW-NYS President)
To: Bette Nitzky -- "Congratulations! You are an Association Hall of Fame Member! Thank you for your membership recruitment efforts for AAUW-NYS 2007-2008!"

Emerging Leaders 2008
Ruth Wahtera served as newsletter editor and created the Communication Committee. A former hospital administrator, she used her leadership skills and technological expertise to become the Web consultant. The branch Web site / blog includes community enrichment features, personal essays, and an event calendar. It has had more than 700 unique visitors from 160 different countries.

Newsletter of Excellence Award
For the Kingston Branch Focus (congrats again, Ruth!).

The Clean Money, Clean Elections resolution proposed by Irene Miller was passed!

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