Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pay Equity sidetracked by NYS Senate

Hi Pay Equity Supporters,
Well, the NYS Fair Pay Bill is still held hostage in the Labor Committee but the Senate has pushed a bill the falsely claim addresses pay equity (S7521 Robach) into the rules committee today so it could be voted on. It came to the floor and passed unanimously. The Senate Majority then claimed that pay equity had been passed. Craig Johnson, sponsor of the Fair Pay Bill debated with Robach very strongly about what he was doing. This is the web site that has Irene Liu's account of what happened this afternoon and also the story that ran into day's paper. I am also attaching it. If you go to the web site there is a video of the session. All of this activity is a compliment to our successful events. Please pass this along to your networks - Best, Lois (Hagniere)

NB: Thanks to all KAAUW who called our NYS Senator Monday. Pay Equity is still an issue - Garnette

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