Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pay Equity Legislation in NYS

How can there be such a disparity between what women and men are paid for the same job? One reason -- employers give the same jobs different titles and slightly different job descriptions. Another? Workers who identify wage discrimination or even share salary information remain vulnerable to retaliation.

Tell Sen. Bonacic to get this bill passed!
For several years running, the New York State Assembly and the NYS Senate Labor Committee has passed the NYS Fair Pay Bill (A.6130/S.2200), which addresses these two issues. But, each year, the bill dies before passage. Sometimes it’s the Senate Finance Committee, sometimes an end run by the Senate leadership. 

The bill is currently in the Senate Finance Committee  once again. Senator Bonacic, who represents many of us, is a member of the Finance Committee.

Please take action. Call or write to Senator Bonacic asking him to support this bill to reduce wage disparity based on the centuries old bias against “women’s work.” Passing this Act will ensure that equivalent jobs are paid fairly despite the gender and/or race of those performing the work.

A quick way to make your opinion known is to use this link offered by the YWCA.

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