Friday, May 20, 2011

Considering the Spiritual; Different from the Religious

Sister Maria Lopez and Program VP Bev Sloane

Sister Maria Lopez says in her hospice work she provides spiritual support to Buddhists, Baptists, atheists and people of every other or no religious persuasion. And, there's a difference between spiritual and religious.

At the May 14 branch meeting,  Sister Maria explained  what spiritual care  is and used many of her hospice experiences to show the difference it has made in the lives of many.     The discussion ranged widely from our personal experiences with hospice to how our belief systems impact our relationships with others.

Sister Maria Lopez, a  member of the  Sisters of the Presentation,  has been a hospice chaplain in Ulster and Dutchess counties for 11 years.    Maria received a BA in Education from Mount Saint Mary College and an MA in Religious Studies from Manhattan College in the Bronx.  

Maria has extensive experience in education,  spirituality, and missionary work in Latin America, and pastoral work in NY.   She also served as  Executive Director of the Presentation Sisters International Association, where she directed the IPA  Global Social Justice Network,  and  established the Presentation Sisters as an NGO in consultation with ECOSOC at the UN.

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