Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Party and Branch Meeting: Dec. 14, 2010, 4pm

The Party: Join us at 4pm for refreshments, visiting, and shopping. The shopping? Donate a gift; shop for a gift. Proceeds to benefit our philanthropy fund.

Andrea Newman-Winston
Rita Kogler-Carver

The Program:
Emmy award winning lighting designer Rita Kogler-Carver and stage manager (and AAUW member) Andrea Newman-Winston  will share stories and tips for preparing for major productions. While their productions take place in the theater, on TV, or the Olympics, you can apply many of their strategies in planning your major productions - holiday festivities, weddings, special parties, for example.

Kogler Carver won her Emmy for lighting design for the 2000 Sidney Olympics.  She has worked extensively on Broadway and television productions, including the Montel Williams show. Semi-retired now, she is the artistic director and producer for the nonprofit Dragonfly Performing Arts Center in Green County.

Newman-Winston began her theater career in Boston and has focused on teaching theater arts and managing local theater productions. Both began their backstage careers at a time when both lighting and stage management were considered men's roles.

You can see the results of their planning at the current Dragonfly production of "It's a Wonderful Life,"  a musical version presented as a 1940's radio drama, December 3-5, 10-12
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