Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hilda Solis: June Cleaver, meet Juana Solis

Official portrait of Secretary of Labor Hilda ...Image via WikipediaHilda Solis: June Cleaver, meet Juana Solis | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Opinion: Viewpoints: "Now policymakers, employers and workers must find better ways to help people succeed at home and on the job. Products need to be made and parent-teacher conferences need to be attended. Aging parents need to be cared for and work deadlines must be met. Children get sick and have to stay home from school on the same day the big presentation is due at work. Yes, women now comprise nearly 50 percent of American workers, and in the majority of U.S. families, women are co-equal or even primary earners.
But this isn't just a women's issue. Men today have nearly doubled the amount of time they spend on child care, according to recent studies. Nearly half of all children in the U.S. live in households where all parents work full time. More than 43 million Americans serve as unpaid caregivers to family members over the age of 50. We are all in this together.
Work-life balance policies and workplace flexibility initiatives aren't niceties; they're necessities for working families. For employers, they aren't just the right thing to do; they're the smart thing to do. A recent report by the President's Council of Economic Advisers found that when businesses adopt accommodating policies, it adds to the bottom line.

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