Friday, July 23, 2010

7/26/10: $tart $mart meeting in Highland

On Monday, July 26 at 11 AM, join Joan Monk (AAUW Kingston / Poughkeepsie / Westchester member), who will meet with Irene Keyes and Betty Harrell from the Poughkeepsie Branch and two members of the Westchester Branch. All are interested in using the $tart $mart* program in their branches. They'll meet on the Highland side of the Walkway Over the Hudson (87 Haviland Road), then have lunch afterward at Mariners Harbor (46 River Road).

Would you like to get this program going in the Kingston Branch? Can you attend the meeting on 7/26? If so, please let Joan Monk know. Let's get this program started!

* $tart $mart: To help make sure that graduating women know how to negotiate for equitable pay, AAUW and The WAGE Project formed a partnership to provide the
$tart $mart Campus Negotiation Workshops. AAUW and The WAGE Project hope to reach over 500 campuses with this dynamic program within the next three years.

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