Friday, January 29, 2010

Lilly Ledbetter sent me an email this morning

Well, it wasn't just to me. It was to everyone who supports fair pay -- for everyone. Who's currently suffering from unfair pay? Women and minorities.

Lilly was reminding us that it's been a year since the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed into law, President Obama's first piece of legislation. We all acknowledged then that it was half a loaf. The Paycheck Fairness Act is the other half. And it's stalled in the Senate.

Data released recently by the U.S. Census Bureau showed that, in 2008, women continued to earn just 77 cents for each dollar earned by her male counterpart.

What will the Paycheck Fairness Act do? It provides a much needed update of the 46-year-old Equal Pay Act by creating stronger incentives for employers to follow the law, empowering women to negotiate for equal pay, and strengthening federal outreach, education and enforcement efforts.

The bill would also deter wage discrimination by strengthening penalties for equal pay violations and by prohibiting retaliation against workers who ask about employers' wage practices or disclose their own wages-provisions that would have helped Lilly.  In short, the bill updates the law to reflect the practices and processes under more recent civil rights laws.

So, Lilly emailed me, asking me to take action -- to tell my senators to get on the stick and pass this legislation already. I know my senators in NY are in favor, but I need them to show leadership in getting this moving.

Take Action!
Please join Lilly and me, and many other men and women accross the country in urging our senators to quickly pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. Simply click on this  "Take Action!" link . Then follow the instructions to compose and send your message.
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