Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weight discrimination -- we always knew it!

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Here's a form of discrimination against women that is pretty hard to fight. But, I guess it's a bit like the research about tall men versus short men, only we're supposed to have some control over our weight.

Weight discrimination could contribute to the glass ceiling effect for women, study finds | MSU News | Michigan State University: "The different results for women and men suggest weight bias may contribute to the glass ceiling on the advancement of women to the top levels of management, said Mark Roehling, MSU associate professor of human resource management.

“The results suggest that while being obese limits the career opportunities of both women and men, being ‘merely overweight’ harms only female executives – and may actually benefit male executives,” he said. “This pattern of findings is consistent with previous research indicating that, at least among white Americans, there is a tendency to hold women to harsher weight standards.”"
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