Thursday, April 2, 2009

4/3/09: Health Care Forum in Kingston

Health care for all -- yes!
Now how do we get there?

Universal Health Care Forum
to highlight health care policy
options and action agenda
7 PM on Friday, April 3
St. John's Episcopal Church
207 Albany Avenue, Kingston

Most Americans agree that the time has come for universal health care for all. The question is how to make that a reality now. The issues are complex and difficult. Join us at this forum, where we will explore universal health care options and find ways each of us can work toward making health care for all a reality.

The expert panel will feature:

- Jessica Wisneski, Legislative Campaign Director of Citizen Action of New York, representing the perspective of Health Care for America, champions of the Obama health plan

- Len Rodberg , Ph.D., from Physicians for National Health Plan, advocate for a single-payer universal system of health insurance

Attendees will hear brief, expert presentations and will be able to discuss and debate the policies with the panel. The session will conclude with ways that citizens can make their voice heard on health care policy.

The forum is co-sponsored by Saugerties Committee for Peace and Social Justice, Hudson Valley Progressive Coalition, American Association of University Women - Kingston Branch, Ulster County Democratic Committee, and Citizens for Clean Elections.

For more information, call:
Sue Rosenberg (845-246-3449)

or Lanny Walter (845-246-4668)

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