Friday, March 13, 2009

3/16/09: Greene County public hearing on voting machines

How to save our levers:
Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. It only took one e-mail and a phone call or two to get Schuyler County Legislators to pass a resolution to keep our levers, just like Ulster, Columbia, and Dutchess counties have done.

So, think what you can do in Greene County. Call and e-mail your county representatives today. Ask all of your friends, too. Get the buzz going!

And, show up at the Greene County hearing at 6 PM on Monday, March 16, at the County Office Building, 411 Main Street, Catskill. (Use the back entrance on Water Street.)

Our trustworthy levers now comply with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). But New York State Legislators still plan to switch to costly computers that can be easily hacked and are prone to breakdowns,
whether they are certified or not.

Greene County's Operations Committee will decide whether to ask the full County Legislature to pass a resolution urging New York State to keep our levers. The Committee is eager to hear what the citizens of Greene County think. If you want to speak at the hearing, let your legislator know beforehand.

For more information or to carpool, call or e-mail Irene Miller, 518-678-3516,

Greene County Legislators (area code 518)

District 1 (Catskill):
Forest Cotton, 947-0018,
Karen Deyo, 943-9238,
Dorothy Prest, 943-9014,
Keith Valentine, 943-5616,

District 2 (Coxsackie):
Charles Martinez, 731-8825,
Wayne Speenburgh, 731-6507,

District 3 (Athens):
Ray Brooks, 945-2912,

District 4 (Greenville):
Kenneth Dudley, 966-5424,

District 5 (New Baltimore):
James Van Slyke, 756-3675,

District 6 (Prattsville, Ashland, Windham, Jewett):
James Hitchcock, 734-3194,

District 7 (Halcott, Lexington, Hunter):
Larry Gardner, 263-3747,

District 8 (Cairo):
Harry Lennon, 622-3876,
William Lawrence, 622-3707,

District 9 (Durham):
Sean Frey, 821-1973,

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