Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How much less have you earned?

WASHINGTON - APRIL 04:  Federal Aviation Admin...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeNow you can calculate how much less you, your daughter, or your granddaughter -- or any other woman, of course -- will earn than a man with comparable experience doing the same job. The "Get Out of the Way of Fair Pay" campaign we talked about here last week sent me a calculator "widget" that's now embedded in our side-bar.

Take a look, and when you're totally depressed or incredibly angry, tell the Chamber of Commerce they should get out of the way of fair pay.

You can send the National Chamber of Commerce a quick email by going here.

Here are links to the board listings for each of our local chambers. See who you know. Call them up. Send them emails. Ask them to take a stand -- tell the national Chamber of Commerce to get out of the way. Ask them to support the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. After all, many of them are women, and they all have mothers, sisters, wives, children, and -- oh yes, employees who are women.

Let's get the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act passed this legislative year.

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