Tuesday, September 9, 2008

9/16/08: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Hi Everyone,
Here's a reminder about AAUW's book club. We'll meet at 1 PM on Tuesday, Sept. 16, upstairs in the Kingston Library.

We'll be discussing the book The Reluctant Fundamentalist, after a presentation on the author, Mohsin Hamid, by Rokki Carr. The main character, Changez, is a Princeton-educated Pakistani. He has a wonderful job in NYC until 9/11 changes everything.

We'll also talk about many aspects of the current situation in the Middle East. I recently saw the movie Not Without My Daughter. It's about a woman married to an Irani trapped in Iran and trying to leave with her daughter. And remember the book we read by Azar Nafisi, Reading Lolita in Tehran. Last night, I saw the movie Flight 93, made to remember the aircraft that crashed in Pennslyvania on 9-11-01.

Here's a quotation from a lecture given at Hillsdale College by Mark Steyn, an author and columnist. A complaint has been filed against him in Canada by the Canadian Islamic Congress bacause of a book review he wrote. The group accused him of being a "flagrant Islamophobic". In his lecture, he paraphrased Sir Edward Grey, who said, on August 3, 1914, "The lamps are going out all over Europe." (Remember reading Barabra Tuchman's Guns in August?) Steyn said, "Today the lights are going out on liberty all over the Western world, but in a more subtle and profound way."

All of these things can be fodder for our discussion. Should be interesting.
From, Marjorie Regan

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