Monday, July 7, 2008

Kingston's Lisa Library needs volunteers to help get new books to underpriviledged children

Recently I met with a team of six retired teachers from Poughkeepsie AAUW Branch at the non-profit Lisa Library, located at 77 Cornell St across from the 'new' Kingston main postoffice. The room is filled with bookshelves of publisher's over runs, all brand new children's books that need to be easily scanned and shipped out to prisons, after-school programs, and underfunded children's libraries. The prison project entails providing the incarcerated with recording devises and books age appropriate as bedtime stories for their children back home, i.e. Bedford Hills Women's facility.

Lisa Library's manager, Elisa Gelibtier, who lives in Saugerties, would welcome a team of us coming in for two hours once or twice a month to help. There's no lifting of heavy boxes involved. Please email me with your interest at I will coordinate with Elisa and all interested to set up a beneficent time. Elisa was happy we might come, especially as their air conditioning starts this week. See below for the email from Betty Harrel of the Poughkeepsie Branch. Let's grow a Leading to Reading project here. Then we can donate to Ulster County groups through Lisa Library as Poughkeepsie does in Dutchess. Let me know about your enthusiasm. Cordially, Garnette,

Dear Garnette, As part of the Poughkeepsie Branch Leading to Reading project, we have been volunteering at the Lisa Libraries warehouse in Kingston. It is a foundation which donates books to groups working with underprivileged children across the country. They've donated a number of books to our project, and we wanted to thank them in a small way.

They recently installed a computer system and are in the process of entering their inventory into the system. Some of our members are going up this summer to help. They're also very interested in working with the Kingston Branch.

Do you think any of your members would be interested in volunteering? I can put you in touch with the manager, Elisa Gelibtier. We've enjoyed working with her and I know she'd love to work with your branch as well.

Thanks for your help!

Betty Harrel

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