Sunday, May 25, 2008



All interested AAUW members are invited to join the upcoming joint board planning session in Rosendale, Thursday, June 12, 10 am to 2 pm. We'll gather for four-hours, including lunch, at the mountain top center, LifeBridge.

Here are excerpts from the web to begin your thinking how we can benefit from our time together:
Excellent boards attend to detail and also take time to look at the bigger picture. Retreats away from the usual place of meeting and with a different kind of agenda are a good way to self-examine and explore how the board might adjust its style and composition to get focused results. According to Dr. Sandy Hughes of BoardSource, an annual retreat is considered a “best practice” for boards. . .

Recently, the board of a three-year-old organization gathered for a tightly packed four-hour session, including a working meal, having crafted an ambitious agenda: Flexibility was the key. . .

Most organizations are a work in progress, still refining strategy, seeking to expand the base of members and public participation. . .

With assistance from a timekeeper, the facilitator’s role is to keep the group on task and to ensure that everyone had a chance to talk. And talk we will do – freely and openly – but in a spirit of respect and sensitivity for each other. . .

In the course of those four hours (which ended precisely on time) the example board generated ideas for marketing and publicity, new tricks for fund-raising, for programs and ideas for new initiatives.
What are your ideas? Let me know your interest in joining this opportunity. Even if you cannot be present, I would like to present your thoughts and vision for KAAUW next year.

With thanks, Garnette

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