Monday, October 15, 2007

Membership Tea held on Sunday, Oct. 14

Our new Membership VPs, Elaine Hammond and Polly Langer, organized a lovely Membership Tea yesterday afternoon at the Woodstock Fire House. Though it was chilly and overcast outside, inside it felt warm and welcoming.

We had a nice mix of long-time members, newer members, and complete newcomers to AAUW. Five people signed up on Sunday, with a few more "in the works"!

After giving us a little time to sip, munch, and mingle, Garnette gathered us in a circle and welcomed everyone. There were about 20 women and one (brave!) man. We went around the room and each of us introduced ourselves. It was an awe-inspiring ensemble. One of our new members even dashed in for an "intermission" between her two afternoon selections at the Woodstock Film Festival. Newcomer Judith Karpova spoke briefly about her experience in Iraq. Janine Fallon Mower noted that we are a group devoted to "social action and social interaction." And that about sums it up!

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